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Russell Solomon

Russell Solomon – A Theatre Critic Who Tells It Like It Is

Russell SolomonRussell Solomon has served as the chief theater critic for the Springfield Times for close to twenty years. His columns have covered all the major art forms, entertainment, culture and even politics. His status in the community, his career with the newspaper and reviews of theater has put him in the position as one of the leading theater critics on the local level and even on the nation stage.


Russell Solomon began his career with a small theater publication on the West Coast that covered many touring theatrical productions. He then moved on to Finesse, one of the nation’s top theater magazines, where he published numerous reviews that brought him a strong national following. His specialty was pre-Broadway theatrical productions. Russell Solomon reviewed productions in cities such as Chicago, Minneapolis, Washington DC, Boston and other major cities. He provided theater and film reviews for KLCX-FM in Colorado and is a regular contributor to public radio in both the United States and Canada. Doe also did a short stint with the Englewood Times as their film critic.


In addition to his job as theater critic, Russell Solomon has served on numerous boards and committees including the editorial board of Apex Plays and on the drama committee of the Paulson Prize. As a critic in the art world, his articles have appeared in many leading newspapers such as the Los Angeles Planet, New York Bulletin, Chicago Expression and the American Onstage Magazine.


As chair of the Theater Critics of America Association awards committee, he led the efforts to recognize a regional theater each year for the prestigious Regis Award. The Regis Award recognizes innovative and outstanding regional theater. While serving in this role, he was a regular guest on several national TV entertainment shows.


A true renaissance man, Russell Solomon has taught theater and arts at the collegiate level. He served 10 years at Illinois Northern Institute of Arts as professor and chair of the School of Dance and Theater. Other teaching positions included associate dean of Ballantine University and adjunct professor at Chicago’s Metz School of Arts. He has been recognized for his contributions to theater and the arts by receiving the Dramatique Medallion from the Festival de Arts in Paris and the National Drama Academy’s Presidents Award.


Russell Solomon was born in Springfield and earned his Master’s degree from Ballantine University. He resides in suburban Springfield with his wife Amelia and their three children, Jonas, Stephanie and Cyrus.

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